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9.2016	Mmofra Foundation hosts CASE longterm testbed in Ghana
9.2016	CASE students won the DIVA 2016 Student competition 
8.2016	The Public Safety Answering Center II, with the AMPS green wall, received ENR New York’s “Award of Merit”   
8.2016	CASE pavillion is open for public at the CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival  
7.2016	CASE Students at the Passive and Low Energy Conference
6.2016	Ghana Rotch Studio: The Golden Cude
5.2016 	New York Times coverage on the AMPS at PSAC II
4.2016	Professor Nancy Diniz Exhibits at Eyebeam
4.2016 	Smartgeometry 2016: Atmospheric Delight
2.2016 	CASE presenting at the IS&T international Symposium "Electronic Imaging 2016"
1.2016 	CASE presenting at the 9th Biennial Emergy Conference
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